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Contact Us

We're Earth's friendly local genetic biodesign systems engineers and biodesigners.
Questions on anything from technology to IP, science to investment, all welcome - please ask Daniel Davies.
We also have social media and email accounts, but these are being upgraded and reorganised at present.

All branches worldwide:
We're on Discord and Telegram messengers, we're looking at ways to put safe links to those here which do not encourage trolls. In the meantime, please email danfox@ this website's domain name (yes that's an intelligence test to avoid spam). Please state where you found the email address in your email.
. Connect in an IRC client app such as Pidgin, Hexchat, Konversation, Andchat, etcetera, to irc.digibase.ca or irc.kitsunet.net port 6697 #vulpinedesigns and send a message. Replies may take a little time, we can't sit staring at our message apps all day.
If you have an account on our Gitlab server, go to https://chat.vulpinedesigns.co.uk and click the Gitlab button to use our internal chat system.

EU offices:
* Ireland Financial Base & Registered Company:
Vulpine Designs Ltd, 6 Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Cork City, Ireland.

* Romania branch for VR research & development pending.

UK & Commonwealth office:
* UK Financial Base & Registered Company:
Vulpine Designs Ltd, 8 Union Street, Coupar Angus, Perthshire, Scotland PH13 9AE.
Tel: Accounting: +44-1828-628638 and Executive: +44-7450-612680

USA office:
* US Financial Base & Registered Company:
Vulpine Labs Inc, 1903 Cynthia Drive, Champaign, Illinois, 61821, United States of America.
Accounting contact and biotech research & development labs pending.

Brazil branch pending.

Partner Organisations

IT Services: we are in proud partnership with Digibase Operations.
Digibase logo.
Image copyright of Digibase Operations 2004-Present

Advanced IT Systems: we are in proud partnership with Kitsunet.
Colorado, USA
Kitsunet logo.
Image copyright of Kitsunet 1997-Present

Staff & Media Development: we are in proud partnership with Lupa Vulpa Corporation.
Alabama, USA
Lupa Vulpa Corp logo.
Image copyright of Lupa Vulpa Corporation 2007-Present
Laboratory systems testing: we are working with the Genetics Group of Gujarat Diagnostic Centre in Gujarat, India.
Documentary: we are being filmed and documented by Dave O'Brien of Davewolf Productions.
Limerick, Ireland