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Contact Us

We're Earth's friendly local genetic biodesign systems engineers and biodesigners.
Questions on anything from technology to IP, science to investment, all welcome - please ask Daniel Davies.
For questions about our upcoming documentary, please ask Dave O'Brien (under Partners).
We also have social media and email accounts, but these are being upgraded and reorganised at present.

All branches worldwide:
We're on Discord and Telegram messengers, we're looking at ways to put safe links to those here which do not encourage trolls. In the meantime, please email danfox@ this website's domain name (yes that's an intelligence test to avoid spam). Please state where you found the email address in your email.
. Connect in an IRC client app such as Pidgin, Hexchat, Konversation, Andchat, etcetera, to irc.digibase.ca or irc.kitsunet.net port 6697 #vulpinedesigns and send a message. Replies may take a little time, we can't sit staring at our message apps all day.
If you have an account on our Gitlab server, go to https://chat.vulpinedesigns.co.uk and click the Gitlab button to use our internal chat system.

EU offices:
* Ireland Financial Base & Registered Company:
Vulpine Designs Ltd, 6 Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Cork City, Ireland.

* Romania branch for VR research & development pending.

UK & Commonwealth office:
* UK Financial Base & Registered Company:
Vulpine Designs Ltd, 8 Union Street, Coupar Angus, Perthshire, Scotland PH13 9AE.
Tel: Accounting: +44-1828-628638 and Executive: +44-7450-612680

USA office and biotech research & development labs pending.

Brazil branch pending.

Partner Organisations

IT Services: we are in proud partnership with Digibase Operations.
Digibase logo.
Image copyright of Digibase Operations 2004-Present

Advanced IT Systems: we are in proud partnership with Kitsunet.
Colorado, USA
Kitsunet logo.
Image copyright of Kitsunet 1997-Present

Staff & Media Development: we are in proud partnership with Lupa Vulpa Corporation.
Alabama, USA
Lupa Vulpa Corp logo.
Image copyright of Lupa Vulpa Corporation 2007-Present
Laboratory systems testing: we are working with the Genetics Group of Gujarat Diagnostic Centre in Gujarat, India.
Documentary: we are being filmed and documented by Dave O'Brien of Davewolf Productions.
Limerick, Ireland