!DOCTYPE html> The GUESS Unified Editing Suite & SDK - Open source, biosimulation, biodesign and editing software from Vulpine Designs

The GUESS Unified Editing Suite & SDK is an IDE for DNA (Integrated Development Environment for Deoxyribonucleic Acid), and is open-source, licensed under the GNU GPL v.2.0.

Open source can cure cancer. Not just one type of cancer. All types. Open source can rid us of autoimmune disorders which can range from irritating to fatal. Open source can give us all a democratic, equal platform on which to design ourselves, define our biological futures, gain the upper hand in the arms race with viruses and bacteria, and adapt to new realities.

It is not a matter of if, but of when and by whom. Our effort will not stand alone. But it will stand for the many rather than the few.

We develop software best together. Let's change the world by being the change, one carefully simulated and debugged gene edit at a time.

Here are the 25 modules arranged alphabetically, along with their Gitlab page on our servers. You are encouraged to make your own git forks, copies and backups.

Bioelectric Effects is a #Neuroscientific module which will model the effects of bioelectric disturbances on other cells and allow the development of insulative layers and other solutions or exploits of such effects. This also covers the impacts of electric shocks, all voltages from the neural to the industrial and atmospheric, and the potential to build in new auxiliary functions, using ideas from the electric knifefish (electric eel) and other such species.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Bioelectric_Effects

DEFS is a #VictoryVectors module for the assembly of and safe propagation and implementation of Vectors and their contents.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/DEFS

DIBS is Database Integration Built Securely. This is a module of the GUESS itself, it acts to bind together the rest of the modules with various bioinformatics databases to increase efficiency through sharing resources.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/DIBS

DNA Computing: This is a #VulpineComputing and #VictoryVectors crossover module for the exploration of DNA-based computing and storage technologies and their direct implementation potential in a Victory Vectors setting.That is to say, complex gene editing vectors and the edits they make may both require or benefit from the integration of logic circuits and computing capabilities.
Gitlab: No repo yet available, we're working on a few matters of protective common sense before we open this one to the public.

Electrical Signalling is a module for modelling how the body deliberately sends and receives signals, and how they might leak into or out of it, including neural links. It is a #Neuroscientific module which may also be deployed in non-neuronal cellular simulations, e.g. the development of bio-electronics.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Electrical_Signalling

Epigenetic Mothballing: This #VictoryVectors module of The GUESS will allow the creation of backups of genetic information or the deactivation of tranches of genetic information through the use of epigenetic tags and packing. This is particularly useful for backing up the original unedited DNA in a form that can be reactivated if needed, during a complex gene editing process if a problem occurs.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Epigenetic_Mothballing

Fluid Dynamics is our module handling bottlenecks and optimal routes in circulation, capacities and diffusion, osmosis and transport including the effects of edits on the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, kidneys and glandular fluids. This module has uses in transfection modelling. Linked in particular to HIP_DAME and SLoMSO (for vessel structures etcetera). Vascularisation should in theory be an automatic response of the body to growth and oxygen requirements, but there might be reasons it gets impeded. This module therefore needs to check the models produced by other modules for any shortfalls in circulatory capacity, waste disposal and transportation. Vital organ capacity might be included here, or linked to it. this module could issue errors recommending adjustments to optimise organ capabilities for new forms.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Fluid_Dynamics

GeFi (Genetic Fidelity) is the front-end of The GUESS's #GraphicalModel modules. This is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) through which edits to the model of the body will be done, in order to test and construct 'molecures' for the real thing.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/GeFi

Geneticiser Driver is a module for the fine tuned controls and software to hardware interfacing of the Geneticiser. That is, low-level control coding for our genetic editing and manipulation device. This is a #HardwareDrivers & #Firmware module.
Gitlab: No repo yet available, we're working on a few matters of protective common sense before we open this one to the public.

HIP_DAME (Hormones, Immunity & Pathways, Dismantlement & Apoptosis Models of Effects): #GeneralCellular modules of the GUESS, handling a broad range of effects on multiple levels from hormones and protein pathways via immunity to cell death and recycling. It includes soluble effects, kinases, sumoylation, etcetera, cellular pathways and mechanisms.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/HIP_DAME

The logo for our INITIATOR_SET module goes here.
Translation from mRNA to proteins can be seen as the 'compiler' of the genetic code. INITIATOR_SET Now Identified Through Informatics of Alternative Translational Organisation of RNAs & Sequence Editing Techniques (the name is a recursive acronym reminiscent of scientific paper titles). This is a #GeneralCellular Module of The GUESS.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/INITIATOR_SET

Laberation: Liberation from aberration, through collaberation in Laberation! This is the online sharing lab & store that provides our platform for the world to share their gene edits and cures. Somewhere between Gitlab, Bandcamp, Openbazaar and Crypto-Swartz. Think Distrowatch.com but for genes and using a blockchain, decentralised and with a purchase system built in.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/danfox/Laberation

LERM: Lipid Effects & Rafts Modelling. This is a #GeneralCellular Module of the GUESS. It is focussed on working out the roles of lipids in and out of membranes, and their aggregated forms and dynamics in cellular processes when fed specific parameters.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/LERM

Microbiome: This is for anything specific to the microbiome; the gut bacteria, the organisms on your skin and in your various crevices and orifices. It is the module for ensuring they are not negatively affected by genetic modifications or mutations. This is for all microbiomics and the effects of microbiota around the body, and effects of changes to the body on the microbiome.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Microbiome

Neng: Nanotechnological Engineering. This #VictoryVectors module handles the creation of properly synthetic devices made for use with, by or as all or part of the Vectors. Includes the ROVERS vector system. This module also covers longer-term nanotechnological device creation using the same systems here.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Neng

Nerve Growth: The growth of nerves is so different, it gets its own #Neuroscientific module for The GUESS. Here, we are tracking how nerves grow, and how we might deliberately coax their growth where needed. This might be approximated, not necessarily literalistic (distinct from TentPoles).This could also be implemented using neural networks, machine learning, or a mix of models selected depending on context or application.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Nerve_Growth

Nutricator: Nutricator is a module for the calculation of the nutritional requirements of the application of a genetic modification vector or other treatment to the body. This includes energy, minerals, basic biological molecules & non-natively sourced vitamins.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Nutricator

OGRE, The: The Optical Genetic Recognition Engine (like OCR for DNA). This is a system that can be used as a GUESS module or separately, to interpret the scanning inputs and to smartly direct scanning apparatus of the Geneticiser for optimal DNA reading from optical imagery. It may make use of machine learning and/or AI.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/The_OGRE

PAMM: Prion & Amyloid Mitigation & Management. This is a #GeneralCellular module, focused on protein folding and interactions. Its components include a Denaturing Mitigation and Management analysis tool, access to protein fold rules and databases.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/PAMM

SLoMSO: Strain & Load Modelling & Structural Optimisation, from the molecular to the macro scale. This models how stresses and strains are distributed and handled in the body. This is a #GraphicalModel Module for the GUESS. It requires the use of physics and graphics processing.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/SLoMSO

TentPoles: Cytoskeletal modelling modules, linkable to structural models on other scales/levels and including allowance for the inclusion of Quantum Cytoskeletal Effects Amplification Modelling when technology allows.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/TentPoles

Transcription: This #GeneralCellular Module of the GUESS includes Transcription Factor Determination and will eventually, once technology allows, include Quantum Nucleoacoustics modelling.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Transcription

Uncanny Valley: This is a visual, chemical (nosmic) and auditory recognition AI sense-checking algorithm intended to supplement the range of warnings and errors The GUESS can provide with regard to likely social, cosmetic and superficial effects of changes, during simulation. In other words, helping you to avoid putting yourself into the Uncanny Valley by accident. It is a #GraphicalModel Module of The GUESS.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Uncanny_Valley

Vectors Factors: The Transcription Factors needed for the propagation and implementation of a Vector are calculated in this #VictoryVectors variant on the General Cellular 'Transcription' module.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Vectors_Factors

Vectron: The purpose of Vectron is to switch the vectors on and to transmit data securely to them. It is for ensuring vector integrity and biosecurity. This is a Hardware Drivers & #Firmware module for The GUESS.
Gitlab: https://gitlab.vulpinedesigns.co.uk/TheGUESSUniversalEditingSuiteandSDK/Vectron