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Imagine a lab that cures diseases but doesn’t need a degree, lab coats or goggles.

Imagine a lab which changes the very paradigm of healthcare as we know it.

Imagine a lab that you can use as easily as an online store.

You're imagining Laberation.

Here's an example based on an example character of a balding middle aged man: So the bad news is your genetic scan you did with your Vulpine Designs kit-built Geneticiser has been processed by the GUESS and it says you are susceptible to a particular kind of cancer. You decide to get a second opinion from your doctor and their advice is that while you don't have any obvious signs yet, some might show up many years down the line. What you do with information from genetic screens is of course up to you, but it has at least highlighted what to watch out for. You decide you'd rather not take the risk of letting such a cancer develop in the first place.

So, you come home and you log into Laberation. You look through the list of various gene-edits people have come up with, and you find one for the type of cancer you are apparently likely to get one day. You notice that there are some differences in the mutations for your genes than for the uploader of edit you found, but you can see how to edit a few regulatory genes around it so that the edit can be applied without disrupting the gene's normal function. You decide to buy a de-balding edit while you're at it, a paid molecure from one of Laberation's more entrepreneurial contributors, and you decide to add a fingertip UV glow edit too, for fun and to indicate completion of the edit. You package your collection of molecures into a vector, and click the Print button in the GUESS. The Geneticiser builds your vector on a molecular scale, and before long you've used the implements provided to introduce it to your body.

You check your fingertips under a UV light as an indicator of success, and after a short while it's clear it's worked well. You scan another sample in the Geneticiser, and sure enough, the cancer-susceptible gene is restored to a non-susceptible version, based on the reference database and on the molecure provided in Laberation. Your hair is beginning to grow back too.

To celebrate, you make your patched version available on Laberation for free. You send CureScore to the person who uploaded the previous version, by way of thanks. They now have a cryptocurrency tip from you for their contribution to your long term health, and the server node they uploaded to takes a small cut of that too for their operator - all very worth your while. The payments are cryptographically secured and used to verify the authenticity of the molecures you used, both from your perspective as feedback and via the proof of work algorithm to determine that the molecure has remained untampered with since its creation until you had it on your computer. You feel liberated from the possibility of that kind of cancer, though you'll keep checking in case of subsequent mutations caused by external stimuli such as radiation. You can also feel reasonably safe from any malicious actors trying to hide malicious genetic code in the molecure during the online sharing and retrieval process.

Below are some concept mockup images, pending the coding of the full system. The appearance of the system is subject to change, but these images are intended as a guide to the user experience in terms of usability.

A mockup image of our Laberation website should be here.

A mockup image of our Laberation website should be here.

A mockup image of our Laberation website should be here.

A mockup image of our Laberation website should be here.

A mockup image of our Laberation website should be here.

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Get a Support Contract for your organisation. We will work closely with you to prioritise improvements and fixes, and to develop new features which are relevant to you. We'll help you get the best out of this fantastic meeting of blockchain and bioinformatics.
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Get training for your staff! Whether you are a doctor in a small office, a hospital or on an outreach mission, we can ensure you know what matters the most about Laberation, how to expand its scope to solve medical needs and to bring lasting healthcare solutions by the people, for the people, to the people.