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Our plans are developed with short, medium and long term goals aimed at being achievable, useful and ambitious. They are subject to changes over time as we dynamically adjust to suit the situations that face us.

Investment is at the risk of capital loss, as with investment in any company anywhere. There is no guarantee implied or otherwise that the plans presented on this page will be followed exactly as you see them today or any other day, they are intended as a guide only.

We develop the software and hardware, with which our customers and users can create all kinds of interesting new genetic therapies.

1st Gen Plans include:
* Build and release our first module of software which will have a significant impact on research requiring understanding of protein translation: INITIATOR SET. * Launch our campaign to build Laberation, the cryptographically secured blockchain-based genetic edit (molecure) sharing and sales platform. As hosts of its first node, we will gain a significant proportion of node operator fees, which will be a sensibly small percentage of each paid transaction.
* Develop the modules of The GUESS software and launch each as a standalone system capable of dramatically improving its portion of bioinformatics and biomedical modelling. Making these available open-source alongside support contracts and training ensures we have a means to make money which does not restrict our positive impact potential.
* Refine the design and construct prototypes of The Geneticiser, our molecular bioprinter. Develop and release a kit for enthusiasts and professionals alike to construct Geneticisers enabling molecular bioprinting to rival 3D printing in price per print and device.
* Work together with academic, public and commercial institutions to refine and improve our systems towards version 1.0 of the whole combined setup.
* Via our support and training, Laberation and kits, we can develop a solid financial base to head into our 2nd Gen phase of development.

2nd Gen Plans are locked pending sufficient investment and the successful progression of 1st Gen Plans. Let's just say they involve space and some innovative nanotechnological ideas.

3rd Gen Plans are locked pending sufficient investment and the successful progression of 2nd Gen Plans. Let's just say that organs will be the new apps.

4th Gen Plans are locked pending sufficient investment and the successful progression of 3rd Gen Plans. This is some really far out stuff for the present day but will make a lot of sense by the time we reveal it.

5th Gen Plans are locked pending their full internal elucidation and sufficient investment. This stuff will blow your socks off. If you have any left from the shock of the 4th Gen.