Drawn Together To Build A Better Future:

Daniel Davies, CEO and Founder, Genetic Biodesign Systems Engineer. Photo CC-0 2018.

Matt Hilgenburg, Secretary and US branch co-founder.

Mircea Filipescu Alexandru, 3D Modelling Systems, VR & Internal Comms. Image (C)

Alynna Trypnotk, CTO, IT Systems & AI

Jordan Eckhoff, Systems Biologist

Tracy Goode, Personnel Manager

John Middleton, Accounts and Finances (UK)

We have VACANCIES for volunteers with a view to potentially becoming paid staff as finances improve.
We are looking for programmers who know C, Java, Python, R, Javascript, Erlang, DNA, RNA, Amino Acids, FASTA, Blockchain and/or advanced encryption.
We are also looking for a sales manager. A basic knowledge or interest in biochemistry and genetics will serve you well, and you will be encouraged to read and learn more on the job.

Please see the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Diversity: the CEO wishes to express awareness with regard to the current diversity-balance of the staff, and to state that this is unintentional, and is simply based on who was interested so far in working with us. If a more diversity-balanced pool of individuals were available to pick from, a more balanced team would result. No bias is intended. This means, if you want to volunteer for or be employed by us but come from a different background or ethnicity or gender or whatever, than the rest of us so far, you shall be treated no differently than if we were all of the same ethnicity, gender etcetera as yourself, and we will ensure this is upheld to the best of our ability.

Photographs: We include photographs only by permission of each member of staff listed. Where photograph permission is withheld, we offer the alternatives of a cartoon image or none at all. This is to ensure privacy is an option for our colleagues.